Bier van de Maand

We love hops, we love sour, we love fruits, so why choose? It’s not that complicated.

Okay maybe it is a little complicated, but all the best things are. Here’s what we thought: Why choose for just one kind of beauty when you can have the best of both worlds, or all the worlds, if you will. And we willed. Because sometimes in an unexpected combination of things lies a delightful synthesis. If you’re open to experiment and to new influences, you might even surprise yourself.

A certain kind of beauty we thoroughly enjoy is that of a nice juicy fruit. We wanted to bring an ode to that beauty. Fruit is not something we use too often, so we decided to pick the juiciest fruit we could think of. And who’s a nice juicy fruit? That’s right. It’s the mango. The mango is a nice juicy fruit. The color, the shape, the smell, the taste – why do other fruits even bother? Of course, the mango became the leading motif of our poly-love affair.

We are always looking for something. Something to titillate our senses in an unfamiliar way. Being open to new tastes is how we discovered our Polyamorie. It’s a perfect blend of a Berliner Weiße and a US style Pale Ale. It’s the beer we made to satisfy our sour buds, but with much surprising tropical fruit flavors induced by the mango, and the Citra and Amarillo dry hops add a subtle bitterness. We have made sour beers in the past, but this is the one we surely want you to meet. It’s an experimental beer like you’ve never tried before – with freaking mango.

Our Polyamorie is here to facilitate all your desires. After all, pleasure is the ultimate rebellion.